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In the year of our Lord, October of 2002, Lucid Fiction came into being . . . . .

Guitarist Ron Bales, drummer Aaron Neal, and bassist Andy Klassen were seeking to replace singer Johnathan Hardy (whose job moved him to Texas) rounding out the line-up of the existing band called HALO.  Aaron introduced Nick Lewis on vocals to the fold in the fall of 2002, adding the additional element of keyboards to the bands sound.  Fresh with a new voice, the band decided to change musical directions, start with new material and a new name. With the then recent attacks of 9/11 the previous year, guitarist Ron Bales coined the term Lucid Fiction, and the name resonated through out, and the new name was established. 

Over the years, Lucid Fiction has had more than it's fair share of drummers, 6 to be precise, with Rob currently landing in at number 7.  Rob  has performed with Ron in several past bands.  And yet the core writing members Nick, Ron, & Phil have remained unscathed.  Bringing in a vast background of individual influences between the members, Lucid Fiction brings a unique cocktail of talent  producting an incredible broad pallet of sound from one song to the next.  It's hard to pin point who Lucid Fiction sounds like, which is the reason why Lucid Fiction IS a diamond in the rough.  Every song is unique unto itself,  in which every song shines on it's own, no matter how vastly different each song comes across,  they retain that Lucid Fiction SOUND.  

When you add Nick's incredible vocal melodic range, with the grinding buzz saw organs to lush atmospheric strings on keyboard, blended with Ron's bone crushing guitar chords with the delicious melodic, and haunting melodies, interlaced with Phil's monster mathematic bass lines punching you in the gut, carrying the groove to Rob's punctuated dynamic textures in a rock/jazz symphony on drums, then you might start to get an idea of where the Lucid Fiction style and sound derive.

Lucid Fiction is one of those rare, and unique sounding bands, that write and play from the heart, ignoring conventional motives for success, finding solice in that which they love most, the art and creative inspiration from the spirt whithin, producing in what they most desire by delivering something their fans can take with them, something that stirs each and every person in a way that makes you identify something special that speaks to you....and they deliver.